About Young's RV

Young’s RV is a third-generation RV dealership located near Bridgewater, Nova Scotia.

Its genesis began with a promise to offer competitive pricing, while at the same time, supplying customers with a positive RV experience.

Young’s RV have been fortunate to secure product from Starcraft RV, a sister company to Jayco Industries, as well as various product lines from Crossroads RV. I, Darren Young, had the personal pleasure of dealing with these manufacturers in my previous RV career and both companies are owned by Thor Industries, the largest RV manufacturing company in the world!

My father, Caroll Young, instilled in our family the highest standard of ethics, both in business and personally. Hard work and honesty, when dealing with new and returning customers, is always front and center. After having owned one of Nova Scotia’s largest RV dealerships, my sister and I decided to take a breather and sold our dealership in 2014. Believing it was time to create another new business challenge, in conjunction with my next-door neighbour, we created “Fresh Cuts Market”, a highly successful food store which is thriving in today’s marketplace.

Several years ago, I made a promise to my son Jacob that upon his graduation from university we would create a new business together. We decided to re-enter the RV Sales and Service world, a business I knew well, and we both had a passion for. Jacob, from an early age, had an affinity for RV’s and knew how to operate most on-board equipment. He enjoyed helping me hook-up the trailers for towing and had an awesome ability backing them into parking places. Jacob was constantly alerting me to mistakes or oversights he discovered on our previous website, and always gave his thoughts on products and floorplans, most that were very accurate and led to good choices.

Forward to 2020. The Pandemic is upon us, and Jacob is nearing the successful completion of his Commerce degree. I had to make good on my promise. I made the commitment, in 2021, to make my “encore performance” into the RV marketplace and so began the dream of Young’s RV.

We decided on Young’s RV as our corporate identity, showing all future customers that this is a family business and expresses that we are committed to being front and center for all day-to-day operations. Our word will be one of our guarantees, as we want and need repeat, happy customers who spread the good news stories about their purchasing and ownership experience.

Our new building is just that, a building. However, it signifies our commitment to and investment in the RV industry. We want you to understand that we are here for the long haul.

We have hired two, excellent, RV Service Technicians. Both are highly trained and experienced, and both have worked for my family at our previous RV dealership. Colin & Robert are detail oriented, and they want your RV lifestyle experience to be a happy one. Components will fail, from time to time, but I will assure you that we will do everything we can to rectify the issue in as short of a time as possible.

Jacob and I, and our small team, hope you will allow us the opportunity to introduce your family to Young’s RV and a lifestyle that will create “forever memories” … whether you are young or old.


Darren Young